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Root Canal

1-1.jpgWorried about your severe tooth decay and how it can damage your teeth? With root canal therapy procedure offered by Dr. Ashley Drakeford at For You Dental in Dallas, TX, you won’t have to worry because saving and restoring your decayed teeth is now possible.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy, also called endodontic treatment, refers to a dental procedure that treats infection in the root canal system in the center of the tooth. It is used by dentists to save a tooth that is damaged by tooth decay and restore it to its normal function like any other normal tooth. Instead of removing your badly damaged tooth, Dr. Ashlea Drakeford at For You Dental will perform a root canal procedure to remove the infection and restore your tooth back to its normal function.

When is root canal therapy necessary?

Root canal treatment is needed when the infection has reached the center of the tooth or the root canal system. This infection can be caused by severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, damage to the teeth because of trauma, accident or injury, bruxism, decay beneath a deep-seated filling and even leaking fillings.

The root canal system consists of the dental pulp or the soft tissue at the center of the tooth. Once bacteria and infection reach the dental pulp, the bacteria can multiply and spread causing the pulp to die. It may even spread to the end of the root canal and into the nerves of the jaw and blood vessels. When this happens, you will experience pain in your mouth and maybe even a dental abscess. Eventually, this can lead to the “death” of the tooth. Once the decayed material of the tooth is removed, the outside can be filled or restored with a crown and save the tooth from extraction.

How will I know that I need root canal therapy?

Only dentists can diagnose and recommend your need for root canal treatment. Dr. Drakeford at For You Dental will examine your teeth and take X-rays to determine the size, number and curvature of the infected roots.

Some of the symptoms that may indicate that you have tooth pulp damage or infection and will likely need root canal therapy are the following:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Spontaneous tooth pain
  • Tenderness of the gums
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Pus surrounding the affected tooth
  • Swelling of the gums around the affected tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Loosening of the tooth

What are the advantages of root canal therapy?

Root canal treatment is a great alternative for tooth extraction and tooth loss. Aside from letting you keep your teeth, it also has other advantages like:

  • The tooth lasts longer
  • There’s no tooth pain once the root is removed
  • It eliminates infection
  • It helps maintain your natural smile
  • It enables you to chew properly and efficiently
  • It maintains the tooth’s natural appearance
  • It keeps your normal biting force and sensation
  • The replacement crown or filling can help protect the tooth from being strained or worn out
  • It limits the need for other ongoing dental work

How is a root canal procedure done?

endodontics2-253x300.jpgAt your root canal appointment, Dr. Drakeford may need to administer a local anesthetic to ensure a painless procedure, except if the tooth has already died and is no longer sensitive. Dr. Drakeford will then remove the infected pulp as well as any dental abscess, if there’s any. She will ensure that the all the infected pulp has been removed and the area has been cleaned before filling and sealing the tooth.

How should I care for my tooth after the root canal therapy procedure?

Once the root canal treatment is complete, it is important for you to avoid biting and chewing hard foods right after your treatment. It is also important for you to be committed to practicing basic oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth to prevent future infection and other dental problems. Not consuming sugary foods and quitting smoking is also necessary so as to prevent the need for further root canal treatment.

If you want to restore your damaged or severely infected teeth, visit Dr. Ashlea Drakeford at For You Dental in Dallas. For You Dental offers root canal therapy to help you regain your confidence by restoring your damaged tooth to its natural and normal function. To get more information about root canal therapy and other services that we offer, visit For You Dental in Dallas, Texas, today or call us at (972) 386-4999 to book your appointment!