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We offer a variety of restorative services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. We encourage you to learn more about what we provide and how we can help. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling (972) 386-4999. We're always happy to hear from you!

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We all want to have beautiful teeth and good dental health. And yes, some make it seem easy while others struggle with it. This can happen for different reasons, such as lack of care of a chipped or damaged tooth, or a gum problem that worsens. However, remedies are still available!

For You Dental in Dallas, TX, is here to help you. Dr. Ashlea Drakeford and her team of dental care experts offer services that will restore your damaged tooth to its healthy and normal state.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that studies and addresses tooth problems and its rehabilitation. The dentist’s aim here is, as much as possible, to preserve your natural tooth. This involves the repair of chipped and damaged tooth, like fillings or veneers, or even the replacement of your missing teeth through treatments like dental implants. These treatments do not only restore your mouth to its normal state, but more importantly, it also promotes your dental health.

Restorative treatments offered by For You Dental

For You Dental offers a variety of prosthodontic services both surgical and non-surgical such as:

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy or endodontics is necessary when bacteria have infected the pulp or nerve supply of the tooth. This condition usually happens when there is a large cavity or when a tooth is injured. This tooth disease may be undetected at early stages, but eventually, the bacteria will multiply and lead to the creation of pus (known as dental abscess) at the tip of the root. Worse, it may lead to tooth extraction if the affected tooth remains unaddressed. It is always better to keep as many natural teeth as possible.

Dr. Drakeford at For You Dental will save the tooth through root canal therapy. This is done by removing the bacteria after first numbing your tooth and then making an opening in the crown to the tip of the root. Afterwards, the affected pulp is removed and the remaining space is prepared for the filling. Dr. Drakeford will then cleanse and disinfect the canal in order to kill and prevent the reoccurrence of the bacteria. Next, the space is filled with gutta percha and the hole in the crown filled with resin or porcelain.

The majority of root canal treatments are successful.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing, otherwise called the deep cleaning, is a treatment used for gum disease. It is commonly used when the gum recedes or pulls away from the tooth, which is a good breeding place for bacteria. From here, plaque builds up and causes the gum to bleed easily as the body naturally tries to fight the infection. Hence, this treatment works by cleaning the surface of the teeth to the gum line down to the roots. The gum disease will stop as long as you are careful to maintain the necessary care after the treatment. Dr. Ashlea Drakeford at For You Dental will give you after-care treatment instructions.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can be used to fix chipped or broken teeth. Veneers are custom-designed/colored shells that are attached to the teeth to prevent further damage, and can come in different shapes or colors depending on your preference. Veneers will give your tooth a natural look, and usually comes off in about 5-10 years.

Snap-On Smile

If you want a cheaper and easy treatment than porcelain veneers, then Snap-On Smile would be best for you. This is the most affordable treatment available for anyone who wants to achieve a beautiful smile. Snap-On is an ideal remedy for those who have missing teeth who are not ideal candidates for dental implants. And just like the other treatments, it also gives you a natural-looking tooth and which is perfect for all occasions. Here at For You Dental, we provide Snap-On care.

We only want the best for our patients. For You Dental offers the above-mentioned treatments to help you regain your confidence by restoring your damaged tooth to its natural and normal function. We will provide you with the best service since For You Dental boasts of an excellent team of dental care experts led by Dr. Ashlea Drakeford in Dallas, TX. Also, we are equipped with latest technologies that will not only provide you with comfort, but also efficient service.

To get more information about us and the services we offer, visit For You Dental in Dallas, Texas today or call us at (972) 386-4999 to book your appointment!